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Why should your school have a dance teacher?

(AKA Blowing my own trumpet!)

So some of you know that I am currently studying for my level 6 teaching qualifications. This equates to having a full degree, rather than many teachers who have level 4 qualifications or even lower. Or even teachers who have no teaching qualifications at all.

As part of my studies I've created and collated a huge amount of information to create our fantastic handbook, and I've started to create some more in depth planning. Quite a step from just rocking up and teaching ballet class almost in my sleep! The joy of teaching a great syllabus.

So I thought I'd tell you what dance can achieve in a school. This information is gleaned from some resources from the amazing OneDanceUK.

Firstly... Dance is MANDATORY in the PE curriculum for Key stages 1, 2 and 3.

So that means your child should have opportunity to move to music within their school week. The National Curriculum targets are pretty simple to be fair. Create a simple dance is about the limit!

But it doesn't need to be like that. Dance professionals can help your school to create fabulous plans and to deliver wonderfully creative classes that will support your children in their learning journey.

To quote OneDanceUK

'High quality dance provision in school can; (among other things)

Enable achievement by young people with a kinaesthetic learning preference

Provide purposeful extra-curricular activity

Increase levels of physical activity


Promote cross-curricular learning

I could go on but you'd probably stop reading! We at SDA strive to create lessons that are engaging, carefully planned and both accessible and full of challenge for the young people we work with. We can plan to complement your planning or we can create a stand alone plan. We believe in ensuring that minimum core is addressed within our planning.

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