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Covid 19 and your dance class

We have created an extensive risk assessment (available in school policies) in regards to Covid 19 and how it will affect your classes.

We appreciate that the changes we have in place will potentially make attendance more difficult but we believe that your families safety is of the utmost importance.

We hope that these rules and regulations will not be in force for a long time but we understand the necessity to adapt to the current situation.

As such please can you ensure your child follows our guidelines.

No parents will be allowed into our venue - if you child will require help with their ablutions we will not be able to help. Please ensure that they can manage their own toileting needs.

All pupils must arrive for class dressed and ready for class - they may wear joggers and a CM Southampton Dance Academy t-shirt or hoody to arrive in.

All hair must be tied up and away from the face - ideally in a bun. 

All children must have shoes and tights/leggings and socks for all classes - they may wear ballet shoes or jazz shoes for modern. If they need to switch shoes they must be able to manage their laces themselves. We suggest lacing tap shoes with elastic for ease.

All children must bring their own drink in a labelled bottle they can manage if they feel they will need one.

Please send your child with their own hand sanitiser if they have it. We will wipe down any equipment used.

All possessions will need to be stowed in one bag - including outdoor shoes. Pupils must be able to manage this bag independently.

All pupils MUST adhere to the social distancing measures that we will have in place. Any child who can not follow these instructions will be asked not to attend until they can.

There will be no physical corrections at this time UNLESS there is a risk of injury. 

For any floor work in modern we ask that your child brings a yoga mat or a large beach towel to lie on. This will need to fit into their bag. 

We will meet your children at the door and bring them back to you after their class. Please ensure you are there.

During lock down periods we will provide all classes via Zoom.

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