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Dance in the Community

Southampton Dance Academy is proud of their reputation of advocating for dance in the wider world.

If you aren't careful we will totally bore you with our passion for movement and creation around dance.

Dance is a fabulous method of keeping fit, of interacting and of bringing groups together. Think of those parties where the DJ puts on that familiar, favourite song and you are all up dancing, and then when the lights come up you smile all the way home. 

Dance, particularly community dance practise, allows children and adults to loose their self consciousness and to increase their self confidence. There are no wrong moves or wrong answers when you are creating! It allows the most anxious child to communicate their ideas without having to speak out in front of their peers.

We can plan sessions that are developed around your stimulus, or we can bring you entirely fresh ideas. We are able to ensure that there are cross curricular links within our lessons, both maths and English, or your topic subjects.

We can offer one off sessions to you designed to engage all participants, or a series of sessions with a specific goal at the end, perhaps a performance or a period for self reflection.

SDA has a strong back ground in delivering PPA sessions within Primary School settings, and would like to remind you that these classes can be funded by the Sports Premium. Why not try something a bit different!

SDA can also provide dance sessions for other demographics, such as seniors who might need to take part seated, or people with cognitive or physical disabilities. You can discuss your needs with us and working with you we will tailor sessions to meet your exacting requirements.

My favourite part of community dance practice is the breaking down of presumptions that dance is for a specific population (read girls), and the amazing changes and fantastic creativity I see once these views have changed.

But most of all dance is fun!

If you are interested in hiring SDA for a community project drop us a line at

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