Christine May (Mrs Chrissy)



Mrs Chrissy is a professional Dance Educator and was initially trained as a child by Sandy Beck who inspired her to become a teacher at a very young age.


From Sandy, she gained a love of dance and the freedom and joy that comes with dancing.


Chrissy was coached by Julia Chittenden and Jayne Cooper over the years, choosing to study locally as a teacher qualifying under the watchful eye of Virginia Wilkinson. Chrissy teaches Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary and creative movement,  and is a Level 3 Advanced Pilates Teacher with FITT, a YMCA accredited qualification (2016).


Chrissy is certified to teach Barre Fitness with GXT.

Up until September 2021 she delivered dance at Wordsworth Primary School, staying there for 8 years,


She believes that there are always things to learn and ways to push and develop yourself. Most recently she achieved her level 4 Modern Theatre teaching qualification(2018) and is studying for level 4 Tap. In September 2020 she commenced her Diploma of Dance Pedagogy (level 6), after which she will do a six month placement to secure QTLS. 



Miss Gemma Davison                                    

Gemma currently teaches and assists in classes with SDA, offering support when required - tying shoes or practising polkas! Miss Gem has started working towards ISTD Intermediates and her DDE qualification in Modern, and is teaching our new G3 modern group - the very first steps on the ladder to becoming a fully fledged dance teacher! Miss Gem is also teaching our Musical Theatre class, having a strong  background in singing and being a wonderful musician.



Student Helpers

We offer our senior students the opportunity to volunteer to assist in our junior classes. Students who chose to assist are expected to adhere to our codes of conduct and to behave in an impeccable manner. 

We believe this helps our younger students to understand where they can progress to and is aspirational. For our older students this opportunity will help them develop their autonomy and self esteem, along side helping them to gain skills that will be transferable into their adult lives.

Seniors who wish to assist in a class should speak to Mrs Chrissy about this matter.