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Star Awards Scheme

Southampton Dance Academy created our own Star Awards system in August 2020, inspired by the stars in their classes online during the first C19 Lockdown.

Our system is different to other award schemes;

It's entirely free for the children to be a part of and always will be - they receive their Blue Card at their trial class.

They aren't given stars for specific skills, but for small wins that can be tailored personally to them.


The most talented won't necessarily achieve their goals first, they will be challenged more, every child's starting point will be taken into consideration.

It is designed to take longer the older or more skilled your dancer gets, and the higher up the scheme they are.

We have 7 levels - Blue, Green, Purple and Red, followed by Bronze, Silver and Gold.

They are earned along side both exam preparation and show preparation.

There is opportunity to be creative around dance outside of class, ie getting involved in choreo comp, photo comp, or drawing a picture, designing a costume - the ideas are endless.

SDA haven't forgotten about the children we work with within Primary School or community settings either.

We have introduced our Dance Star certificate which can be given to any student who has shown us any one of the facets in our star awards scheme. We've chosen to use a stand alone certificate as within schools our classes can change from one week to the next.

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