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Pupils can take examinations in all genres once they meet the required standard and age. CM Dance is a member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. (ISTD) 


Exam candidates


Children aged 5 can take a class test with their teacher, once they reach 6 they may take their first exam independently. Pupils are not expected to take exams - they may move classes with their peers if they wish. ISTD examinations are recognised by Ofqual and from Grade 1 level are recognised as being equivalent to GSCE's etc.

Grade 6 and above are worth UCAS points. There is a cost for taking exams as they are examined by an ISTD examiner who will attend the studios. Ballet exams will generally be carried out with a live pianist.                                                                              


Pupils are required to wear tidy uniform for exams with their hair suitably dressed for dance. No jewellery or temporary tattoos are allowed.

Click the PDF link to see an infographic of how our recognised exams correlate with your child's academic examinations, and how they can support them going forwards to college and beyond.


Graded Exam Framework.png
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