Terms and Conditions

1 - Classes should be paid for on a monthly or termly basis as per the invoice by bank transfer,                                or cash in advance. Classes may be paid for weekly by arrangement only.


2 - Classes that are missed must still be paid for. The overheads remain the same regardless and                        there are waiting lists for some classes.


3 - If you wish to withdraw your child please make me aware so their place may be offered to                     somebody on the waiting list.


4 - Please let me know by email, text or through the CM Dance Facebook messenger service if your child can not make a class.

5 - If you and your child wish to take exams or class tests these must be paid for in advance. The                         fees are non-refundable as they are paid to the exam board (ISTD).


6 - Children should be suitably attired for dance class. They should wear the leotard assigned to their class for girls, with socks, tights or convertible tights, with a belt as required. Boys should wear shorts and a t-shirt.

7 - Dance shoes need to be securely fastened. This is a matter of safety.

8 - Hair must be tied away from the face and neck, ideally in a classical bun, alternatively in a high           pony tail. If hair is too short it should be held off the face with an Alice band or a head band.

9 - No jewellery should be worn except one pair of stud earrings. Jewellery can get tangled or caught.

10 - All pupils will be offered the chance to perform in the school show and to be entered for                      exams/class tests. They do NOT have to participate in either to stay in class with their peers.

11 - Parents of younger pupils (under 6) must stay in the waiting area or ensure  someone is in the        waiting area to be responsible for their child. We are unable to take children to the bathroom           and would ask that you remain with them until they carry out their ablutions independently.   

12 - No student should attend classes at a different dance school with out prior discussion with yourteacher. No professional teacher should take on a student from another school with out the first teacher being aware. 

Last updated - 27/7/2020 - by Christine May