Pupils should wear the correct uniform for classes - it helps them to be in the right mind set for class and it allows      

the teacher to see the body, in turn ensuring that the children are moving safely and performing movements safely.


Pupils must have their hair in a bun or tidy plait for class. This enables their teachers to ensure their bodies are in the correct positions at all times.

Ballet shoes and tights/socks should match each students natural skin tone.

All classes may wear elastic on their ballet shoes, grade 3 up may wear split sole ballet shoes that match their natural skin tone.

Tiny, Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet wear a lilac capped sleeve leotard (with either an attached or separate skirt) with ballet socks and shoes with elastic.


Grade 1 and 2  Ballet wear a lilac capped sleeve leotard with tights and ballet shoes with elastic. Grade 1 wear a lilac belt,

grade 2 a purple belt for exams. A lilac skirt is allowed for class.


Tap shoes for Tap and bare feet for Modern. Black shorts over Leo for exams. Convertible tights for classes.

Grade 3 and 4 Ballet wear a navy camisole leotard, blue belt for exams, ballet tights and shoes. A navy skirt may be worn in class.

Boys uniform is a fitted white t-shirt and black shorts or a leotard and black shorts, white socks and black ballet shoes.

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