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The Non Prom Night!

Our senior girls are a fantastic group of young women who are kind, hardworking and supportive of each other.

Which is so wonderful and was demonstrated once again to us the other week when, due to Corona Virus, P's prom was cancelled!

E and R, two of our head girl team, decided that this was a very bad thing and super unfair to P as she'd already 'bought her prom dress and everything'.

So these wonderful ladies asked if it might be possible to have a surprise not prom party for P!

Roll on lots of sneaking about, planning behind P's back, white lies to P's face! (and lets face it everyone knows that dance teachers continually tell fibs anyway!)

Even P's mum was in on it, on the Monday she gave P bunting for us to hang, and on the Thursday evening she handed P a holdall to give to me, containing her prom dress!

Our seniors brought cakes, scones, fizzy pop, crisps and all manner of other delicious things to picnic with, then after their first class of the Thursday, we decamped into the drizzly garden to decorate the gazebo with the bunting, and lay out the picnic :)

P was late to class that night... Mum's tell lies too!

She walked in to an empty room and gave me the holdall, which I gave back! I wish you could have seen her face when she opened it and found her dress inside! And then when she realised everyone was outside.

The seniors insisted she show us her dress on, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

They proceeded to have a lovely photoshoot together, to eat their picnic and to have a truly lovely evening.

I feel incredibly proud of these amazing girls, their values and supportive natures. I am one lucky dance teacher :)

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