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Third Time Lucky!

So we are hopefully at the end of the Covid related lock downs and getting back to our busy lives. A good and bad thing I know you'll all agree!

I spoke to the children on the last couple of zooms and asked them to find some positives about the experience. I rather think that if we can look back and know that in all the darkness and fearfulness there were things to be looked fondly upon it will be a good thing!

I know I have found the 'extra' time I gained from loosing so many hours of teaching as a valuable resource to study and add to my teaching skills repertoire. I managed to get onto so many fantastic webinars and lectures and I really feel that I couldn't have got so much done if the world hadn't slowed down.

Teaching on zoom has taught me so much about resilience and teaching skills and about how adaptable I am, let alone how incredible the children were.

It inspired me to create our Star Awards system - free for the children to take part and suitable for all.

So... Here is a whole bunch of reasons why zoom wasn't all bad!

Because it’s easy to set up a dance space at home instead of driving! Mia - 9

I can see myself on the camera so I can use it to correct myself. Erin - 14

I can join in classes that aren’t near to my house. Vayana - 8

We have our own space. Thedara - 10

We can still do what we want even though there was a pandemic. Zoe - 9

We can do scavenger hunts and play games and things on zoom. Mairead - 10

Your friends can watch you do your dancing. Izzy H - 9

I always forgot my water bottle but dancing at home I never did! Eva - 7

You aren’t polluting because we aren’t going in the car to dance! Aggie - 9

You get to see your friends on the screen when we spotlight - you get to really watch them. Keyara - 7

I liked to use the share screen then its accessible for all - Miss Gem

To be able to turn our cameras off if we don't want to be seen if we want to work on something. Also that we can just join and not have to travel or prepare too much! Alana - 12

I like the special effects on zoom! Naomi - 12

I am able to go quickly get my ballet shoes or socks or a mat if I forget them but at the dance place I can’t. I liked going into breakout rooms with others. I could also dance with my cats! Alice H - 13

I can do the touch up on my appearance —Ruby J - 15

You don't have to rush home from school to get ready. Emily S - 13

I like not having to travel and getting stuck in traffic. Lena - 11

You didn’t have to travel to get there.

You don’t have to be standing up all the time.

Billionaire boy workshop was amazing.

Enjoyed all the games we did like the annotating ones.

Loved Elsa coming.

Eating my apple during class when talking about polkas and listening to music.

The B family - 11, 9 and 5

As you can tell there are a whole bunch of different reasons, from logistics to just general high jinks and merriment.

I truly hope we don't end up in this situation again, but I also know that if we do, we've got this!

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