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Dancer stories - Erin!

Hi, my name is Erin and I’m one of the head girl team with SDA.

I started dancing with Chrissy when I was 5 years old and am turning 15 this year so it will have been 10 years!

I love being at SDA because everyone is welcoming and loving and we’re all a big family. Most of the girls I dance with have been on my dance journey for the whole ten years but recently I’ve met new year people in new classes and I love it!

I began helping out with the younger girls just under a year ago and it’s so much fun! I love watching them all grow and getting excited when they learn new things. At first I was a bit nervous helping out because I didn’t think anyone knew who I was but we’ve all gotten to know each other and I really enjoy having little chats with them each week and hearing about new things they’ve been doing!

Chrissy has helped me with so much in dance but also just in life - especially with confidence. I first joined another dance school when I was 3 and when they told me that my mum couldn’t come into the lesson with me, I got really upset and didn’t enjoy the lesson at all and refused to go back. However two years later I started dancing with Chrissy and my younger sister who was 2 or 3 at the time wasn’t going to join but actually started dancing a few weeks before me because I was too scared to do it on my own.

I think one of the main things that helped grow my confidence was when we did the show Sleeping Beauty and Chrissy told me she’d like me to be one of the Sleeping Beautys.

I don’t think before then I’d ever considered myself good enough to be a main role but the fact that Chrissy believed in me and thought that I could do it really boosted my confidence!

In the past year or so I’ve taken classes, workshops, done auditions, competitions... literally anything I could do that would help me improve.

Even when I get older, I still plan to stay with SDA for as long as I can because there’s nowhere else that you’ll get that kind of encouraging, loving feel when you go to a class.

In my future I’d love to do something like be in a company and perform on a big stage in a big production! I love the thrill of performing on a stage and I can’t wait to do more after such a long time of no performances.

I also really enjoy teaching too and I’d love to be able to maybe teach some of my own choreography to other dancers sometime when I’m older and more advanced.

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