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Show us what you can do in a week!

‘Puss in Boots, Puss in Boots Doesn’t need tuxedos or sparkly suits’

10 AM until 3 PM, 5 days, children aged 7 to 12, 3 teachers: A Show in A Week…

“Are you insane?”, I hear you ask. “Yes, most likely”, I respond.

But do you know what? That’s OK because, as they say, insanity is just a synonym for imagination, and we are going to require a lot of it!

“Why A Show in a Week?” CM Dance has decided to host A Show in A Week over the summer holidays, as sometimes six weeks is just too long without dance and performance-based activity! Not only is activity such as this a great physical and emotional challenge for children, it also provides a bit of a rest bite for parents that have a full summer ahead of them. Doing A Show in a Week, as opposed to classes, highlights the importance of team work. Another great thing about this is having something tangible to show for all the hard-work that’s been put in. Working towards a specific goal, and being able to share the outcome with close friends and family, will enable the children to feel a sense of achievement and pride.

“Why have you chosen to do Puss in Boots?” The chosen show, Puss in Boots, is one that is often associated with Christmas, as opposed to summertime. So why would we choose that for A Show in A Week? There are a few reasons for this: The story is well-known. This means that we won’t need to focus too much on the plot, and instead can spend the time on learning the script, music and choreographies, whilst developing performance techniques. There is a good balance of female and male roles; there are also some that are non-gender specific. This means that there is a lot of flexibility regarding who can take on the roles. No one has to feel excluded or demotivated due to their gender. There are many opportunities to sing, dance and act. Everyone can be involved with all three of the ‘triple threat’ elements, as songs and dances are seamlessly integrated to the script. Just because you’re singing and dancing in a chorus number, doesn’t mean that you won’t have lines and a ‘role’ in a few minutes time. It’s a fantastic moral story. In case you don’t know, the story focuses on the importance of friendship, imagination and resourcefulness. Being able to present such a positive message through children’s theatre must be a

good thing!

The fairy-tale Puss in Boots is not exclusive to Christmas; the story and its moral can be appreciated all year round. Adding energetic dancing, joyful singing and creative direction to the mix will form a fabulous musical for the whole family to enjoy.

“Tell me about the practicalities…”

Dates: Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August 2018 Times: 10am to 3pm (the performance will be at 3pm on Friday) Location: Oasis Academy, Lord’s Hill, Southampton Cost: £90 per child The cost includes the full week of rehearsals, a t-shirt and tickets to the performance for family and friends.

“How do we get involved?”

To find out more please: Email:

Telephone: 07944 287902

Find the event on Facebook: Puss in Boots in a Week

Find the company on Facebook: CM Dance

We are really excited about hosting this event and we look forward to meeting many new faces on 30th July. We hope to provide an encouraging and fun environment, where children will push themselves and produce something truly fantastic to show all their family and friends, in just one week.

Get in touch, get sharing and get involved!

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