Dance Types

Tiny Dancers      These are our very youngest dancers. A light hearted and relaxed class where we use lots of                                               props and different ideas to begin to develop the foundations of ballet. Its not all pink and sparkles                                 though! You might be jumping in puddles, dipping your toes in the pond or being buffeted by the                                     wind! Who knows?!

Imperial Ballet - Imperial Ballet is the graded ballet syllabus that we follow at CM Dance. Students will be able to                                      take exams that hold value as the children grow. The grades are designed to build pupils skills in                                      classical ballet in a steady and structured manner keeping their physical development in mind.


Modern Theatre Dance - based on the types of dance seen in the theatre, Modern is a fun class to take, all music and                               movement is kept age appropriate whilst still using popular music and dance styles.


Tap Dance-        This class is for children aged 5 upwards, teaching rhythmical patterns testing the brain and the                                      body! Tap shoes must be worn.


Contemporary Dance - We are introducing the new ISTD Contemporary syllabus this year, created by Dr Ross                                         McKim of the Ballet Rambert.


Pilates -               Joseph Pilates created this fantastic program of exercises over 50 years ago and its stood the test of                                time. Ideal for helping to sculpt a longer leaner physique or build core strength and stability.

Theatre Gems - Taught by Miss Gemma this new class is about singing, dancing and creating characters.

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